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Responsive Engineering
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Responsive Engineering
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Diesel Fuel Lubricant & Conditioner 150ML Shopping Cart Description:

Engineered for Common Rail
Diesel fuel systems

increased diesel fuel lubricity
reduces injector noise
reduces fuel consumption
optimises vehicle performance
anti-corrosion and biocide protection

  • Our bottle is designed to fit into your vehicle's door pockets so that you can keep handy in your vehicle.
  • The long applicator allows you apply the additive without .
  • Concentrated formula so that you donít have to carry litres of product.
  • The measuring bowl allows you to apply the correct amount every time.
  • Does not contain dispersants which often results in water damage to diesel fuel systems
  • One bottle of 150ml Responsive treats approximately 15 tanks of diesel or 1200 litres.
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  Diesel Fuel Lubricant & Conditioner 150ML

Diesel Fuel Lubricant & Conditioner 150ML 

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